A New Discovery – Maybe not that New

Finally, a semi dry day. This morning, the weather forecast called for 42 degrees and cloudy skies, but no rain! After near drought conditions and 3 forest fires nearby, the rain was certainly welcomed, but not 8 straight days of it. Well, with a temporary break in the pattern, an early morning ride was beckoning.


I hooked up with Eric, and departed Action Bikes and Outdoor at 7:30am. It was a little chilly, but some climbing early on would heat things up a bit. We crossed the Milford Bridge, and darted up Deckertown Turnpike. It was immediately apparent that the past weeks rain turned the brown, dreary landscape into the green, mountainous beauty that makes the tri-state area so desirable. We turned right on New Road before Deckertown really got steep. New Road is slightly downhill for 3 miles. Just before we would have crossed over Rt. 206, we hung a left on Degroat Road for what turned out to be a cool detour.


We came upon Luna Parc, an artistic wonderland, hidden in the woods. Luna Parc is the home of madcap artist Ricky Boscarino. His largest work in progress is his home and the atelier Luna Parc, which began in 1989. While not open to the public, 3 day open house tours are known to occour.

Luna Parc

Just up the road, we made a right on Meyers Road. For another mile and a half, we cruised through a quiet, serene setting, before coming to Rt. 206. Turning right, we made 2 quick lefts, and dropped onto Layton Hainsville Road. Making our way into Layton, we passed a few runners and walkers, probably itching to get outside. Another right hander, and we went right through Layton and onto Bevans Road.


We snaked our way to Peter’s Valley, and took respite at the Peter’s Valley store and gallery. IMG_2888

Up the famed Peter’s Valley climb, we plateaued, and descended down across Rt. 560 and onto Old Mine Road. Apparently, it’s turkey season for the local hunters, as cars were parked all along the roadway. Although pot holed for the last 3 miles, Old Mine Road is fast, and dumps you right at the base of the aforementioned Milford Bridge. Once across, we dropped down passed the Metz Ice house and back up into Milford for a recovery spin back to the shop.

What’s Playing: (What am I’m listening to while writing or what’s dancing around in my head while riding) Today – The Psychedelic Furs – Pretty in Pink (I don’t know why, but probably because of Luna Parc)

talk-talk-talk-5319418f31208 (1)





One thought on “A New Discovery – Maybe not that New

  1. Robert I love reading all your blogs I would love to see that beautiful Luna Parc house. It must be so exciting every time you ride to see such beautiful findings. I love you my son


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