24 Hour Solo Bikepacking Trip: part 1

I’ve recently been bitten by the backpacking/bike camping bug. First, I would like to get out, and do a solo 24 hour bike camping trip. I’m thinking that this would be a good reset after a stressful week. Also, flying solo would be a great way to find my strengths and weaknesses on the trail and in the woods. I plan on preparing for as much as possible and packing whatever I think I will need, then adjusting my packing for later trips accordingly.

Living in the Milford area gives me more than a few options. Since I do not intend on making a campfire, my choice of campsites are many. I’ll just pick an area, do a recon ride to scout out a camp site, and map out the route later at home. Now, what to bring?

Fly Creek UL 2 Tent


A list of what to Pack:

Cooking Equipment/Food: Alcohol stove, denatured alcohol, matches, kettle, fork, folding knife, spoon, stainless steel cup, coffee filter, and pour over bracket. As this is only a 1 night trip, I will try to get by with some homemade soup, energy bars, water, coffee, and a PB&J

Clothes/Shoes: 1 set of bib shorts and jersey, 2 pairs of socks, 1 sweatshirt and long tights, gloves, beanie, t-shirt, extra pair of underwear, sneakers, riding shoes, helmet, and sunglasses

Tools: Multi tool, tire lever, mini pump, 2 tubes, patch kit, camera, cell phone

Shelter/Sleeping: 2 man tent, footprint, sleeping bag, inflatable sleeping pad, inflatable pillow, candle lantern

First Aid: Rollup first aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray

I’ll probably ride my Van Dessel WTF. It’s a steel bike that should hold everything fairly well. I will probably pack everything in my Revelate Designs Viscacha seat bag, my Revelate Tangle frame bag, and my Bushwhacker Cody handlebar bag. I’ll carry 2 large water bottles and a 70oz blatter in a backpack.


Riding directly out of my house and into the Delaware State Forest would be ideal for my 1st solo. However, I think the best way to get it in is to just get it in.

Part 2 will be my assessment of the trip. I’ll post some photos, thoughts, and details. Until then, get outside, ride your bike, paddle your kyack, and read my blog!