Back Home

Although I frequently travel for work and get to ride in different parts of the country, it’s when I’m home and riding in Northeast Pennsylvania that I’m in my happy place. Until now, I’ve only been able to ride in the Delaware State Forest a hand full of times. The ice kept me out all winter and the thaw made for a messy, muddy spring.

Working from home this week, afforded me the opportunity to get out and play in the woods a few times. One ride was on the Black Mountain Cycles Monstercross disc that took me down Standing Stone Trail, up the Burnt Mills Snowmobile trail system and around Little Mud Pond. Burnt Mills was in pretty bad shape. The ATV’s really ripped it up over the winter. The other surfaces seemed to hold up pretty well.

Today, I was able to get a pre-Easter dinner jaunt through some new territory on the Velo Orange Piolet. First, I changed stems to a 70mm, 17 degree bit, in an effort to get my bars up a little. Because the Piolet is a mountain bike, the top tube is a bit long for drop bars.

After pedaling up Five Mile Meadow Road, I hung a left on Bald Hill. At the bottom, I jumped into a trail that I’ve always wanted to explore. I’ve been reluctant as the faded no trespassing signs have kept me out the last few years. The trail was a little grown over, but very rideable. It was less than 2 miles when I passed an abandoned barn and dropped onto Rt. 739 for an easy cruise home.

What’s playing (what am I listening to while writing or what’s dancing around in my head while riding), today – Ringo Starr – Photograph