Maiden Voyage

The last few days have been like summer, compared to the week-long sub zero temperatures that according to the weather service, was caused by a hole in the polar vortex, freezing the entire midwest and northeast. The cold and my head cold have kept me off the bike for about a week. I did get out today. Although, I missed the last two 60 degree days, it still felt pretty warm at 35.

I’ve been waiting to get an opportunity the test out my new road bike. Because the frame is used, I won’t do a complete review, but here are a few specs: 2012 Kona Honky Tonk steel frame and fork. I built it up with SRAM Red shifters, SRAM Force derailleurs and crankset. Velo Orange seatpost, stem, handlebar, brakes and headset. I’m using an old set of Bontrager Race wheels for now, I’ll upgrade before summer.


As you know, I love steel bikes and this one did not disappoint. Anyway, I left Action Bikes and Outdoor in the heart of Milford at 11am and pedaled down Rt. 209 to Matamoras and turned left on Mountain Avenue. A short ride along the Delaware River and I eased over the Port Jervis Bridge, ripped through the West End neighborhood and onto Rt. 97. From there, it was a short ride to Skyline Drive.


Skyline Drive immediately jets upward. The road surface was covered in salt and amazingly still some ice. Switchback after switchback, I pushed on until coming to a sudden stop at the top. A yellow gate, blocking the road to Point Peter was in place to prevent cars from driving on the unplowed roadway.


A quick descent dropped me back on Rt. 97. After navigating through Port Jervis, NY, I headed into Montague, NJ. and down Clove Road. Except for Skyline, most roads were clear of ice, snow and salt. I veered left onto New Road and out to Layton Hainsville Road. Riding out to Rt. 206, I dropped back down to the Milford Bridge and took a nice slow ride back into town.


Like all first rides, I noticed a few things that need to be adjusted or tweaked a little. Other than that, I’m excited to put a few thousand miles on this steed this year.

My cool Road Runner Bags Jammer Bag. This will be reviewed soon.

What’s Playing (what am I listening to while writing or what’s dancing around in my head while riding) today – Ringo Starr – It Don’t Come Easy