If your in town for the weekend or are planning a trip to Milford and want to ride your bike, whether around town, in the mountains or along the river, this blog can help you find your way.
We will post details on rides, routes, photos and quite possibly some product reviews.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Howdy –

    I think you recently sold your Kona Rove (Ti) that you gave glowing reviews to. Was the geometry wrong? I’m the same size as you (6’1) but my old Lynskey Cooper XL which has essentially the same geo (the Rove was made by Lynskey) fit me like a glove. I was thinking of springing for an XL Rove but wanted to get your feedback first. Any final thoughts on the ride in addition to the geometry?

    Much appreciated!



    1. Hi Josh,
      The 59cm Rove was a bit too large for me.
      Kona’s geometry is larger than most bikes. I would check the standover on the 59cm (845). versus the 56cm (820). A 56 may sound small, but if it fits, you’ll be safer. Happy Pedaling!


  2. Hi Rob. It was great to meet you this morning in Birchwood.

    I’d be happy to join any email list you’ve got going for group rides in the weekends. We’re not always here, but it would be terrific to have a group to join when we are!


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