Forging Forward

With the new year upon us, resolutions, promises and hope are all around, encompassing us with the idea that we can do better, we can change. These days, the cool thing to say is, “I don’t do resolutions”. The truth is, this year I’ve sort of made a promise to myself.

While I am happy with my physical body, my nutritional intake, my family, my friends and where I see myself in this bizarro world, I can’t help feeling like something’s missing. So I ask myself: am I a good person? Maybe. Am I a little selfish? Probably. Am I missing the important things because I’m so focused on what I want to accomplish, that I lack the attention span to see the incredible gifts that those around me have to offer? Absolutely!

That said, my focus this year will be to slow down and listen. I’m also going to stop worrying about how many miles I ride and how much elevation I’ve gained. I’m going to ride because I love being on a bike. I’m going to look, listen and hopefully feel everything that Mother Nature has to offer. If I can’t ride because of other commitments or because of inclement weather or illness, so be it.

On Monday, I got out and played in the snow a little. It felt great. I still plan on doing some long rides this year as well as exploring, camping and adventuring on the bike. Hope to see you out there.

What’s Playing (What am I listening to while writing or what’s dancing around in my head while riding), today – The Best of Bread