Riding Milford Filthy 50

Late August usually provides premium weather for longer days in the saddle. At 75 degrees with a slight breeze most of the day, last Sunday did not disappoint, as I followed a pattern from years past and did a long gravel ride, four weeks before the Maple City Century, in an attempt to inject some fitness into this old body.

I met up at 8am with Eric, Jerry, Brian and Austin at the Rt. 739 Parking lot for Five Mile Meadow Road. After a quick meet and greet, we headed directly uphill, over the loose gravel surface. After the descent and a few smaller hills, we made a right on Ben Bush Road. This short tunnel through the woods provided a great place for us to figure out our pace. A left on Standing Stone Trail, allowed a 2 mile gradual drop to Silver Lake Road.

We looped through Little Mud Pond and onto Flat Ridge Road. The 4 mile, through road is about the smoothest gravel surface in the entire Delaware State Forest. We crossed over Bushkill Falls Road and jumped into the Burnt Mills Trail system. Burnt Mills is a rough, technical trail, adding a bit of fun to an otherwise long and grueling day. Crossing over Rt, 402, we hopped on Pine Flats Road and cruised down to Highline Road for the 6 mile roller coaster through thick gravel and over to Hobday Road and eventually to the base of the High Knob.

The High Knob climb is a 2 mile gravel ascent that averages about 7% and tops out at 16%. The steepest sections are near the top. As you cap the summit, the views of Pike County hit you in every direction. After a quick lunch at the top, we enjoyed the descent and button hooked our way back to the parking area. Satisfied with the days effort, I look forward to some longer rides as the weather gets a little cooler.

Crossing our path

What’s playing (what am I listening to while writing or what’s dancing around in my head while riding), today – Joe Walsh – Life’s Been Good

2 thoughts on “Riding Milford Filthy 50

  1. Had a great day out with you, Rob, and the other gents. I’ve been traveling Rt. 402 for the better part of 40 years and never veered onto any of the gravel bits in the Del. State Forest. Thank you for the invitation and curated tour. If nothing else interesting happened during the ride, which was most definitely not the case, seeing Mr. Tim Ber Rattlesnake was worth the price of admission.
    Thanks for some dirty fun 8n the Poconos.


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