Maple City Century – 2022

The 7th edition of the Maple City Century went off without a hitch. If you haven’t heard of it, your missing the premiere gravel ride in the northeast. With incredible “B” roads throughout and a good amount of technical, beat up, Jeep trail to challenge you, you’ll leave here tired and satisfied with a burning desire to do it all again next year.

Missing the last two years, due to the pandemic, the Maple City Century was back in full force with Zack, Stacey and the Wentzel family leading an incredible staff of volunteers. This year, the Metric and full century were offered again. The Volunteers absolutely created an oasis at each rest area, offering homemade cookies, pickles, trail mix, energy snacks, fruit, sandwiches, energy drinks and water. Oh yeah, let’s not forget about the Coca Cola at 40/75 mile rest stop. Always a rider favorite.

It seemed like Zack and Stacey were on every road their car could access and at every rest stop, offering support. It really makes for a mom and pop, hometown feel for everyone.

I rode the metric again. It amazes me how I forget about the climbs. Each time I do this event, while walking up that horrendously steep hill, which I believe is Galilee Road at about mile 35, I wonder why I didn’t train harder for this or am I really getting that old. But there is a reward. Not long after, you descend down to River Road along the Delaware River. The views are fantastic, the surface is first rate and zero traffic helps you confidently drop to the river without fear.

Course markers at every turn and gps routes loaded into your computer, make this an easy course to navigate. I came back into Honesdale tired, but ready to eat.

At the finish, Scarfalloto’s Towne House Diner hosted the post race party, with each rider getting a quality meal of their choosing from the menu as well as beer from the Wallenpaupack Brewing Company.

I’ll definitely be back next year. Maybe the full century again, maybe the metric, Either way, I can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “Maple City Century – 2022

  1. Nice review Rob! I hope you shared this with Zack. Glad you had fun man. 



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  2. Looks like you had a good day out. I remember the first year I did the metric with Nate, the year we met Jason C. mid-ride somewhere, it was really hot and a lot of people were bonking. It appears that you had better temp’s. Well done on a big day.


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