Nantucket Island

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had an occasion to write about my exploits on the bike. Work has found me riding only a couple of times a week. Nothing sexy, just stress relieving jaunts through the forest with some sprinkled in road rides.

However, hard work rewards and this week, reward it did! I was able to spend 4 days on Nantucket Island, a 30 mile ferry ride from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Home to the Uber rich, Nantucket is an island, town and county. Within the town sits numerous small neighborhoods, all with a quaint seaside feel. The island is approximately 14 miles long and 3.5 miles wide, with too many picturesque spots for any one place. Wild life is everywhere. Terns, ducks, seals, whales and the occasional shark can be spotted on and off the beaches.

A typical road in town

Now, if you’re on Nantucket and plan to ride, stick to the bike paths. The roads in town are either cobblestones or just 400-500 year old stone and what’s paved is not great. Traffic is another obstacle. If your staying in town, plan on navigating through traffic for about a mile before getting clear. This is a cycling blog, so I do not want to forget to mention that this is as beautiful a place as any on the map.


The ‘Sconset Bike Path, the Polpis Path and Milestone Road are the best routes to get you from Nantucket to Siasconset, the far end of the island. The paths are paved, well maintained and serve as the main transportation link around the island. The bike path network here rivals any place I’ve traveled. If its the only thing you do while your here, you’ll leave fulfilled.

I met a lot of people while riding, walking and paddling. I certainly made the most of my time off from work. I met people that sailed from Long Island, NY, Nyack, NY, Maine, and Boston. While searching for a good cafe, I met Paul Anthony Morello, Chef at the Corner Table. He brought me over to his eatery at the corner of Broad Street and Federal Street. The coffee, eggs and sun dried tomato sandwich as well as the sweet potato hummus were incredible. It felt like I died and went to hummus heaven and reminded me of the Pattisserie on Broad in Milford. Gone, but not forgotten.

I am not a beach person. I would much rather, spend time in the woods or near a lake. A place like this could change my mind. If you have an opportunity to visit this history filled, beautiful, Northern Atlantic spot, do it. You will never forget it!