Tri-State Rollers

Once in a while, you just get out the door and ride. Saturday was shaping up to be the warmest day of the year. That said, Jeremiah and I made plans to do an early road ride.


We left from Action Bikes and Outdoor. It’s rare to go with short sleeves in April, but hey, if Mother Nature wants to throw a 75 degree day our way, we’ll take it! Warming up with an easy ride through town, we hopped across the Milford Bridge into New Jersey and climbed Deckertown Turnpike to Clove Road.  As I’ve explained in previous posts, Clove Road, although void of any shoulder, is a fast, roller coaster ride all the way to Montague. We navigated through traffic and slipped into Port Jervis, NY and made a right on Neversink Drive for a gradual climb up to Rt. 209.


This section of Rt. 209 put us through Deer Park and Huegenot, NY, connecting us back to Port Jervis. We pedaled around the small city to Rt. 97, climbed the initial hill and descended all the way to Sparrowbush. From here, we used the West End neighborhood, riding along the Delaware River over to the Mid Delaware Bridge and crossed into Matamoras, PA.


Not wanting to deal with traffic, we hugged the other side of the river and made a left on Mountain Avenue for a quiet ride around Matamoras and into Westfall Township. Rt. 209/6, with it’s wide shoulder, provides and busy but fast commute back to Milford. It’s always nice to get a quick ride in. Although I love pedaling slow and taking plenty of photos, every now and then, changing the pace spices things up a bit.

“A little friend along the route”

What’s Playing (what am I listening to while writing or what’s dancing around in my head while riding), today – The Knack – My Sharona





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