The Thaw

It’s been a little over a month since my last post. It seems a bit longer. Maybe it’s just that this winter has dragged on. You often hear of people who suffer from the winter doldrums. While I understand, I’ve never experienced it. I do have someone dear to me that can’t bear the thought of winter’s cold days and isolation. Hopefully, that’s in the rear view.


Thursday and Friday presented us with two 60+ degree days. I certainly took advantage. While I really yearn to get out on gravel roads, almost all of the Delaware State Forest and McDade Trail are still solidly iced over. That left me to put down some miles on the pavement.


On Thursday, I rode out of Action Bikes and Outdoor, through town and glided over the Milford Bridge to Montague, NJ. I climbed up Rt. 206 to Layton Hainseville Road. From there, I climbed up The backside of Jager Hill and dumped down to Old Mine Road for a quiet cruise through the rural cemeteries and river front farmland. Crossing over Old Dingman Turnpike, my legs screamed as I ventured up the steepest section of road I would hit all day (not that steep, but it’s early in the year). I descended into Peter’s Valley and hung a sharp left on Bevans Road.


Pedaling through Layton, I veered left back onto Layton Hainseville Road. I took a short break at one of the local farms and headed back across Rt. 206 and onto Cemetary Road. Cemetary turns into New Road about halfway to Deckertown Turnpike. I crossed over and enjoyed a slightly down hill grade mixed with a short climb before hitting Clove Road. Looping back to Rt. 206, I dropped down to the bridge and slipped into town.


Friday was a little warmer. At least 70 degrees by midday. Not having as big a window to get outside, I dropped down my driveway and out of my community for a totally uncharted ride through Lord’s Valley, Shohola and Greeley. I couldn’t help but noticing a few Robins flying and gathering twigs. A sure sign of spring. Sometimes a completely adventitious ride turns out to brighten your day and enforce the rights of spring.

What’s playing (what am I listening to while writing or what’s dancing around in my head while riding). Today – Three Dog Night – Shambala



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