The Commute

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to ride to work on a regular basis. Besides forcing myself to pile up the miles, I would reduce my carbon footprint, save wear and tear on the car, increase my fitness and create awesome material for the blog.

Coincidentally, today is National a Bike to Work Day. Since mid April, I’ve either pedaled to work or home from work, 3 days a week. A lot of planning goes in to what would seem to be a mindless task.


Leaving a good supply of clothes and food at the shop is paramount. Keeping riding gear and a bike on hand leaves no excuses. Charging tail light and head light keeps me visible and illuminates the way. Riding home (leaving my car at work) ensures that I ride back in the morning.


Riding home requires a bit more energy as the climb out of the Delaware Valley is about 3,000 feet, with most of it coming immediately as you leave Milford on Rt. 6. A Pennsylvania state bicycle route, Rt. 6 has a six foot shoulder and extra wide driving lanes, so sharing the road with cars is easy. Rt. 434 is a bit hilly as well. Rt. 739 offers a flatter stretch, perfect for cooling down the legs as I make my approach homeward.


Riding from home to work is obviously a little faster. I can either take the reverse route (about 2,100 feet of climbing) or go the other way on Rt. 739 towards Dingmans and take Milford Road or Rt. 209 into town, resulting in a lot less uphill pedaling and fewer miles. I’m going to try to add another day next month and hopefully do a two week stint, where I commute solely by bike. Maybe no internet either. We’ll see….

What’s playing (what am I listening to while writing or what’s dancing around in my head while riding), today – The Babys – Isn’t it Time



2 thoughts on “The Commute

  1. Wow, The Babys. Can remember hearing that vinyl being spun in my sister’s bedroom when I was a kid. Nice effort in giving up the car to do what you’re committing to on the bike, instead!



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