The Manhattan Project

In an attempt to add length to my daily rides, I went out on last Sunday for a longish ride, traversing some of the finest roads in the area. The average temperature was about 50 degrees and sunny, adding to a very good day on the bike. My goal was to add mileage and take in some newer roads while keeping the elevation to a minimum. This worked out like a charm. The weather held out until about 10 minutes after I finished. Then the rains came.

I left my community and headed down Rt. 739, through Lord’s Valley, to Rt. 6. I made a left and pedaled a few miles, before climbing up past Costa’s Family Fun Park and across Rt. 402. A right hand turn on Kimbles Road put me on new terrain. About 2 miles in and I came across what appeared to be the most out of place looking facility that I have seen in this area. I counted more than 30 large satellite dishes. The entire property was surrounded by a ten foot fence with barbed wire, what appeared to be a watch tower and was neatly tucked into the woods. I couldn’t help but wonder what this was. It made me think of the film “The Manhattan Project”, like we have some secret government lab, hidden away in our corner of the world. I doubt it, but its fun to imagine.

I dropped down to the Towpath Road for an 11 mile, flat as a pancake cruise along the Lackawaxen River. If you haven’t been on this road, go there. It is a quiet, beautiful stretch of tarmac. I crossed the Roebling Bridge into New York for an 18 mile ride along the Delaware River that was anything but flat. As soon as I rode past Barryville, I hit a succession of climbs that made me rethink my mapping skills (Actually, it wasn’t too bad as the entire route was under 3,000 feet of elevation gain). When I reached the top of the Hawk’s Nest, the sun was in full force. I dropped down to Sparrowbush and eventually over to Port Jervis, where I crossed the Mid-Delaware Bridge back into Pennsylvania and back to Milford on Rt. 209.

What a fun ride. I look forward to building this route into a full day ride and possibly an overnighter.

What’s playing (what am I listening to while writing or what’s dancing around in my head while riding) – today – The Rolling Stones – 19th Nervous Breakdown


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