Tow Path

Sometimes you do more than just ride. Sometimes, you devour the scenery. Today was one of those times. It certainly helps when the weather is perfect (68 degrees and sunny) and the views are endless.

I met Mike and Peter this morning in Barryville, N.Y. For a spin up RT. 97 and the Tow Path Road. We parked a stones throw from the water and headed out on Rt. 97 along the Delaware River. 3.5 miles in, we crossed the Roebling Bridge (the oldest wire suspension bridge in the United States} over to the Pennsylvania side and cruised through the tiny berg of Lackawaxen. Once on the Tow Path Road, we crossed over the Lackawaxen River back into New York.

The Tow Path winds up hill at about a 1% clip for quite a long way. The grade and a head wind created just enough resistance to slow it down a bit until we hit the one hill we’d climb all day. At the top, we turned around for a fast, fun descent. The river views of the Lackawaxen and Delaware were stunning. Wildlife was everywhere.

The last 5 rides have been wonderful. I’m finally feeling close to 100% again. The pandemic added a few pounds to my frail frame and work and the weather have made it easy for me to make excuses as I only rode once or twice a week all winter and spring. I realize their will be peaks and valleys, but as long as I stay consistent, I should continue continue to feel good.

What’s playing (what am I listening to while writing or what’s dancing around in my head while riding) , today – Todd Rundgren – Hello It’s Me


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