Walpack and Back (Revisited)

After 3 days of intense (but much needed) rain, I decided to stay out of the woods until things dry up a bit. With loads of holiday traffic heading home after the Memorial Day weekend, I also wanted to stay off the main roads, so I drove into town, hopped on the Kona Honkytonk and pedaled through Milford and over the bridge to New Jersey. The roads in this part of Sussex county can be pretty quiet, even on such a beautiful day.

I headed up Deckertown Turnpike, fully intending to go all the way to High Point, but plan B had me turn right on New Road. It was the right choice. I saw only a handful of cars the entire route. New Road has a slight downward pitch, giving me a little rest after the Deckertown climb. I crossed Rt. 206 and made a left on Layton-Hainsville Road.

Farms and Churches dot the landscape as Layton Hainseville Road runs right into Layton, NJ, a tiny town that’s the gateway to the Walpack Recreation Area. I continued through Jersey farmland and into the Peter’s Valley Craft area. Bearing left, I took the roller coaster road through the Walpack Recreation area to the Walpack Inn.

After a quick photo op in the parking lot, I turned around and pedaled back up The Walpack Road, only this time I decided to go over the Peter’s Valley climb. Although quite steep at the beginning, this is one of the quietest, most enjoyable hills with a fun descent, bringing you all the way down to Tuttles Corner. A left on Dingmans Road put me back over the wooden bridge and back into Pennsylvania. I turned right on Rt. 209. The traffic, chopped up pavement and lack of a shoulder, takes nothing away from the beauty that the next eight miles brings this time of year.

I cruised back into town satisfied but hungry for longer rides in and around the tri-state area.


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