Bicycle Dreams

Last April, I detailed the rebuild of my Kona Honky Tonk road bike. I swapped the modern components for a twenty year old, 9 speed drivetrain and silver wheelset. I really wanted to send the frame out to get painted, but the new realities of 2020, had me, like many other people focus not so much on material things, but more on life experiences.


Since I’m sidelined with a foot injury this winter, I decided to dive head first into 3 bike projects that should keep me rolling for most of 2021. First, I stripped the Honky Tonk down to frame and fork and sent it out to The Color Factory for a fresh new look.

Painting a frame can get quite pricey. Some shops charge as much, if not more that the cost of a good steel frame. I found The Color Factory about 10 years ago, and have since had several frames painted. Bruce Risely, Owner-Operator, uses DuPont Emron two pack paint. His prices are very reasonable. One color, with a metallic, pearl finish and 3 layers of clear coat run about $200.


I’ve been extremely happy with the results. Bruce is always there to answer any questions and share unlimited photos of his amazing work. (609)242-0665. The frame has to be stripped of all parts and shipped to The Color Factory, 23 Main Street Waretown, NJ 08758.

So, if you have that old bike, that you love but really wish it could look new, give the color factory a try, you won’t be disappointed.


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