Pedaling through a Pandemic: Week 1

With Social Distancing, Self Quarantine and Shelter in Place becoming the new norm, life as we know it has taken on a whole new meaning. However this shakes out, as a world, we will be forever changed.


If you read my last post at, you’ll know that I had to depart my work trip a few days early and drive back from Chicago.  While grounded for the time being, I’ve been able to get away from my laptop A few hours a day and hit the pavement, gravel and singletrack, that’s abundant in and around Milford. I’ve pedaled with friends (6 feet apart), my son and alone.


I’ve actually stayed quite close to my home, riding through the community, my gravel kingdom and the trails that surround the forest. It’s been weird seeing so many people out there, walking and hiking, especially on the week days. I guess everyone needs to get out of the house and soak in some Vitamin D.


For those that cannot go to work, this forced vacation is a time that can be spent safely with family, in the outdoors and is a great time to get some home projects done. And remember to thank everyone that is putting their health at risk by going to work every day: Supermarket employees, pharmacies, restaurants, gas stations, truck drivers, delivery services, plumbers, electricians, mechanics and all the great people that keep the world afloat, including all Health Care Workers and First Responders.


I’ll keep this going each week until it comes to some kind of conclusion. Stay safe, be positive and clean everything. We are all in this together, I mean separately.


2 thoughts on “Pedaling through a Pandemic: Week 1

  1. thanks for this! My folks live in Stroudsburg & I ride the McDade when I’m up there…

    I need some exact directions to get on the trails you ride… I’ll be up after Easter. Are there any good maps for your trails? Like, maybe Purple Lizard?


    1. The only map is the DCNR map of the Delaware State Forest. It is old and only shows main roads through. If you go north on Rt. 209, make left on Rt. 739, about 1 mile, left on Silver Lake Road. 4-5 miles, park at entrance to Five Mile Meadow Rd.
      From there you could go onto Five Mile, or continue on Silver Lake 1/2 mile and left onto Flat Ridge Road.
      There are numerous routes off both roads. All are gravel.


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