Winter Monstercross

Although winter does not officially begin for another week, Mother Nature gave us a sample of the upcoming season.Today, 25 degrees with a light covering of snow. Perfect for a little adventuring!


I met up with Eric this morning at the foot of Dingmans Falls for a scramble through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. We hopped on the McDade Trail and pedaled past the general store to Hornbeck’s Creek. We took Rt. 209 back to Chestnut Ridge Road.

It says “Joe” with a heart over door and windows

I’ve never had the pleasure to ride here before. Chestnut Ridge is a one lane, gravel road that jets upward for a little over a mile and a half. It might be one of the quietest, most serene roads in the area.


About half way up, Eric noticed a small house about 100 feet back in the woods. We headed up the driveway to investigate. The house was a bit neglected, but the property, which looked way down to Hornbeck’s Creek, was quite beautiful.


We continued the climb and turned right on Wilson Hill Road. A left on Mary Stuart, put us on a quiet country road with a tar and chip surface. We took a chance and dropped down Johnny Bee Road. This old blacktop Road that is grass and rock covered, is an adventure all by it’s self. The road is closed about halfway down.


Beyond the gate, the road turns to trail. The storms from last March, left Johnny Bee littered with large oak trees spilled alongside and across the Path. After hike a biking over some of the larger ones, we made our way down to Dingmans Falls Road.


We pedaled up to the Falls, which only opened about a month ago (they too were decimated by trees last March). The newly constructed boardwalk served as a pretty capable path. Surprisingly, the snow helped create some traction. After a few photos, we turned around and rode back to the cars.


What’s playing (what am I listening to while writing or what’s dancing around in my head while riding) today – Bryan Adams – Cuts Like a Knife




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