Review: Kona Rove Ti

In an attempt to add more content, I’ve decided to do a few reviews. Not to bore you, but to get you and me excited about cycling again as the spring unfolds and summer quickly approaches.

During the winter, I picked up a 2016 Kona Rove Ti Frame. Kona sells the Rove, which is their do all cross and gravel bike, in Aluminum, Steel and Titanium. At this time, the Ti Rove is only available as a frame. With that in mind, I conferred with TC at Action Bikes and Outdoor as to how to properly spec this bike for some on road/off road adventures.

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First, the frame (3AL/2.5V titanium) is made in Tennessee by Lynskey, one of the premiere builders of titanium bikes. I decided to pair it with a Kona Project 2 carbon fork, allowing the frame and fork to take up to a 50mm tire for a super plush ride over the rough stuff. Next, I wanted to use road bike gearing as I will be doing a lot of mixed bag type of rides that will take me on and off road. Specs are as follows: Sram Force carbon crankset, Sram GXP bottom bracket, Sram Rival shifters, Sram Rival derailleurs, Sram 1170 11X32 cassette, Bontrager Affinity Elite tubeless ready disc wheelset, Thomson Elite seatpost and stem, Chris King headset, Shimano mechanical disc brakes, Arundel stainless cages, Shimano Pro saddle and a Salsa Cowchipper handlebar and WTB Nano 40mm tires round it all out.IMG_2605

After about 300 miles of winter and spring riding through gravel, singletrack, grass, pavement, dirt and mud, I can honestly say that the Rove has performed flawlessly. At just about 20lbs with pedals, it flies out of corners and is light enough to climb any hill(especially with the 11-32 cassette). With the Cowchipper bars and tubeless tire setup, it’s as stable as any bike I’ve ridden. And least I say, the ride quality of Ti is incredible!The Kona Rove Ti is the kind of bike you fall in love with for its beauty and ride quality then forge a life-long bond with after epic adventures.IMG_2606


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