Cummins Hill Climb

Last evening, I had a chance to get a quick ride in before dark. Not only was it the end of the day, it was also the last chance to get a ride in before unseasonably cold tempatures and snow set in for the next few days. I met up with Mike at Action Bikes and Outdoor at 6pm. Having only about 1.5 hours of light, we decided to hit a short but tough loop that’s known in the area as Cummins Hill.

Action Bikes and Outdoor & the Frisky Goat Coffee House 611 Broad Street Milford, PA 18337

Leaving the shop, we headed north on Rt. 209/Rt. 6, towards Port Jervis, NY. With alot of traffic at that time of day, we made sure we had our blinkies on to alert cars that we were on the side of the roadway. Rt. 209/Rt. 6 is fast and flat all the way into Matamoras. Passing the box stores and Rt. 84, we went under the overpass and made a left on Mountain Avenue, just before the Firehouse. The scenery immediatley turns from, cars, noise and traffic to quiet, desolate and peaceful. Mountain Avenue is a nice way to connect Rt. 209/Rt.6 with the Delaware River without having to ride through Matamoras (where there is no room for bikes on Pennsylvannia Avenue).

Delaware Drive

Mountain Avenue winds through some residential areas and comes to an end at Delaware Drive. Making a left on Delaware Drive, we enjoyed a few miles of riding along the Delaware River. With the recent rains, the river was flowing quite quickly, creating a relaxing sound as we approached the climbs.  Right at the end of Delaware Drive, along the river are boat launches for the three major river trip companies in the area.

View from the Descent into Millrift

Just as Delaware Drive turns into Bluestone Blvd. the road immediately pitches up and the fun starts. Passing a few farms and cool rustic homes, the road climbs up for a few miles before descending down into Millrift, PA. With not much there, except for a bunch of neatly situated, pretty country homes, Millrift gives you some awesome scenery and a chance to refresh your legs before the real climbing begins.



In Millrift, Bluestone Blvd. becomes Cummins Hill Road. Cummins Hill ascends for about 4 miles. With little respite, the road twist and turns and snakes through the woods, but never stops going up. The slow pace allows you some breathtaking views. Approaching the top, the road turns right and steepens, taking the last bit of strength that I had in my legs.


The descent is steep and technical. The low light made it an adventure. Mike seemed to rip right down, while I took my time around the turns and made sure that I would need a new set of brake pads soon. Cummins Hill Road dumps you back on Rt.209/Rt.6. Making a right, we cooled down with a nice cruise aroung Old Milford Road and and back into town.

Screenshot (10)
Strava map

What’s Playing: (What am I’m listening to while writing or what’s dancing around in my head while riding) Today – The Fabulous Thunderbirds – Tuff Enuff









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