Farms, Barns & Bikes

Although I have been riding a few times a week throughout the winter, I’m hesitant to bore you with the same old rides, as getting out the back door is pretty convenient this time of year. With an early spring like day, I decided to head out right after work, and meet Steve at Dingmans Falls for a quick jaunt through Northern New Jersey. A 4:30pm start gave us just about enough daylight for a nice loop through Sussex County.


We headed out of Dingmans Falls and over the Delaware River via the Dingmans Bridge (that awesome wooden bridge, where the toll taker stands in the middle). We turned right on Old Mine Road, and immediately climbed up and over into Peter’s Valley (an Artist’s Colony tucked into the woods). At the bottom, we swung a sharp left onto Bevans Road, an old country lane, dotted with farms, separating Peter’s Valley and Layton, NJ.

Peter’s Valley Climb

Turning left on Layton Hainsville Road, we cruised passed more farms and a few old houses of worship. Layton Hainsville is a roller coaster that twists and turns for a few miles until crossing over Rt. 206 onto Cemetery Road. Cemetery Road goes right through the heart of one of the largest organic farms in the area, and turns into New Road. New Road is as flat as it gets in the Tri State area, crossing over Deckertown Turnpike and dropping us onto Clove Road. Heading back to Deckertown, a right hand turn dumped us down a steep hill at the foot of the Milford Bridge.

A little Sussex County History

Turning left on Old Mine Road, we went 7 miles along the Delaware River on one of the most scenic roads in the area. Old Mine is pot hole city for about 4 miles, but you hardly notice it as your eyes are fixated on old barns, trails, vistas, and an array of wild animals (White Tail Deer, Coyote, Black Bear, Red Fox, among others). There are a host of trail networks on either side of Old Mine Road. Just veer off, and explore. You won’t be sorry.

Old Mine Road Facts and Fables

Turning right from Old Mine Road onto Rt. 560, and heading back over the Dingman Bridge to Pennsylvania, we just about had enough light to make it back to our cars.

If you want to do a road ride that is scenic and quiet (not a lot of traffic!), head down to Dingmans Falls. It only 8 miles from Milford on Rt. 209 in the National Park System.

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