Sunrise Trails

Well, winter is finally here. With a couple of moderate snowfalls and a weekend of sub zero temperatures, I think it’s safe to say that it’s winter, even if it did not rear its ugly head until mid-February! Since, my Van Dessel WTF is back in service, I was itching to get out and see what it felt like with 29×2.1 tires. I decided to leave right from my house in Conashaugh Lakes, and ride up to a short deer trail that connects the community with Five Mile Meadow Road.


It was about 25 degrees and cloudy at noon, and there was a bit of wind. I turned right onto Five Mile, and followed it up and down until I crossed Rt. 739. There is a parking area at 739 with a trail that snakes around it to avoid a locked gate when it’s not hunting season. A gravel jeep road drops down for about 1 1/2 miles, and ends at the edge of Rt. 84. A right takes you into a nice network of trails that is easily rideable on a mtb, cyclocross, or gravel bike.


The first descent was pretty cool, down a grassy hill with what seemed like roadway rumple strips. After a quick hike a bike across a half -frozen creek, I was back on the trail, and climbing a somewhat steep hill that put me at a spot overlooking 2 creeks coming together. I had to stop for lunch here as it seemed about the flattest spot on the trail.

Seemed like a good lunch stop

After lunch, I descended down a short rocky section, and was met with some pretty nice single track that swooped and swirled all around what I believe is PA State Gameland, tucked in behind the Sunrise Lakes and Lake Adventure communities. The only downside was the ice that seemed to freeze over low lying sections of the trail. After hitting about 5.5 miles of the trail, I was back on the jeep road and headed back as the cold was penatrating my shoes.

I will explore these trails more as the spring warms things up a bit. An intermediate ride on a trail that begs to be ridden. It’s a secret paradise for mountain bikers and adventure seekers!