Exploring: off the beaten path

2016 is under way! Now that the winter weather is here, it’s time to layer up and head out in to the cold and enjoy every opportunity to ride, before the snow arrives. This weekend, I decided to take 2 days to explore the old Boy Scout camp that sits just off Five Mile Meadow and across from Saw Creek Road as well as some gravel off shoot roads that were begging me check them out. On Saturday I headed straight out of my house, riding about a mile of pavement, hooked left on to a deer trail and on to Five Mile Meadow Road. About a half mile up and right in to the Boy Scout Camp.


As I’ve described in a previous post, Five Mile Meadow Road is a crushed gravel road. The path to the Boy Scout camp is a grassy jeep trail. I winded up the trail passed a couple of dilapidated buildings and as I turned the corner past the rustic old cabin, I saw what appeared to be someone sitting on the porch. As I spun around, I noticed camoflouge and a compound bow. “Just glad it was a hunter and not one of the Boy Scouts from 60 years ago”.


Not wanting to screw up the hunt, I headed out of the camp and on to Saw Creek Road. Another crushed gravel road that spans about 5 miles out to Silver Lake Road. I headed back early, knowing Sunday was going to be a little warmer. I hooked up with Will on Sunday and went right back to the Boy Scout camp. Below the area where I spotted the hunter, a trail led down to a serene lake, surrounded by tall pine trees.

Rock Hill Pond

We rode up a steep hill and back out of the camp and across to Saw Creek Road. We crossed over a creek that runs right through the road, having to hop off the bikes for just a moment. Riding out to Silver Lake Road, we hung a left¬†then left on to an off shoot gravel road. After a few feet, the gravel tuned to 6-8″ rip rap stone. For 2 miles, we rode over what seemed like a tough trail for even a truck.

Getting back on Five Mile Meadow Road, we ventured over to Bald Hill Road. Bald Hill is a nice mix of dirt and gravel. It drops for about 3 miles and ends. We headed back home before light became a problem.


Bottom line: If your looking for a nice, quiet off the beaten path ride, you can find miles and miles of gravel, dirt and grass right in our backyard.